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Intellectual Property

We assist clients on all aspects of IP.
Please see our core areas below for examples of the work that we do.

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Trademarks and Domain Names

We are proud to work with several of the world’s most valuable brands.

We manage global trademark and domain name portfolios. We do this fully or partially, depending on how the client wishes to work. Our strategic trademark work and prosecution practice continues to grow each year. We firmly believe that this is a consequence of us managing a sufficient number of large and complex trademark portfolios. This enables our lawyers to become truly specialized in such portfolio management.

Enforcement of trademarks has long been at the heart of our practice and we have established procedures to ensure cost-efficiency and effectiveness. With online enforcement becoming ever more important, we also offer several alternatives for online brand protection.

Our trademark litigation experience is notable, having been involved in some of the most complex Swedish trademark cases, including 3D and colour marks.


Our lawyers are among the most sought-after in Swedish patent litigation, and they represent clients in a large number of cases before the Swedish courts each year. We regularly represent pharmaceutical patent holders in infringement and validity cases, but recent work also includes the explosives, power transmission, fintech and medical device industries.

We are used to, and enjoy, learning new technical fields, and we work closely with external patent attorneys when appropriate and thus feel comfortable representing clients in all technical fields.


Our lawyers have significant experience representing clients in copyright matters. We are instructed by major media groups, industrial manufacturing companies, fashion houses, furniture makers, CMOs, trade groups, IT companies, artists and authors in enforcement, dispute resolution, and non-contentious work. Our experience spans all aspects of the broad field of copyright, both nationally and internationally.

Recent examples of such work include representing a world-famous photographer in national infringement proceedings against a Swedish political party and advising a major music hub on global music licensing.

In addition, our team has in-house experience of many parts of the entertainment industry, including the video-game industry, music industry and a major fashion retailer.

Design rights

Design-right disputes are relatively uncommon in Sweden. Nevertheless, we have acted in matters spanning most industries. Disputes have involved the design of alcoholic beverages, and spare
parts for industrial applications. We have particularly strong enforcement experience in the automotive industry.

We can also assist in registering design rights, and have experience of a large number of industries, ranging from industrial applications and fashion through to consumer goods.

Marketing law

We regularly advise clients on contentious and non-contentious aspects of marketing law. Our litigation experience in this field is considerable, ranging from product get-up copies to unfair marketing claims. We have also represented clients in PR-related matters concerning defamation and incorrect claims about our clients.

On the non-contentious side, we regularly assist clients in adapting marketing strategies to be compliant with unfair competition and regulatory legislation. A major part of our work in this area is in heavily-regulated industries, such as the pharmaceutical, medtech, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and health care industries

In recent years, the explosion of social-media marketing has required many companies to reconsider their marketing guidelines. We regularly advise clients on this developing field of marketing law. We provide training for in-house counsel alongside the marketing and PR departments to ensure
social media marketing is effective but also lawful.

Trade secrets

Our trade secrets work often goes hand in hand with our IP work, in particular patents. We have also litigated several disputes solely relating to trade secrets.

Further, the Swedish Trade Secrets Act sets out specific requirements for the protection of trade secrets, and Swedish law treats trade secrets differently from IP rights. This necessitates specific considerations in protecting, enforcing and commercializing trade secrets under Swedish law.

We assist clients with everything from drafting the necessary non-disclosure agreements to taking the proper steps to transfer effectively the rights to trade secrets in transactions.


Our experience in regulated industries originates from our work for clients in the Life Sciences sector. Over time it has expanded into other sectors as a growing number of industries become subject to increasing regulation. Our clients see the value of treating their rights and obligations under regulatory legislation as assets, to be used as efficiently as possible.

We have recently worked in a range of fields. These include alcoholic beverages, foodstuffs, medical devices, medicinal products, tobacco and chemicals, before administrative courts and government bodies.

The development of personal data regulations in Europe has made such regulatory legislation acutely relevant for almost all industries. Personal data protection issues often arise in connection with other legal work we do. Considering the importance and complexity of some of these issues, we have secured special competence in personal data protection.


Our strong experience in dispute resolution, IP and regulatory law makes us an excellent choice for agreements or transactions where such aspects are of special importance. We believe that a thorough understanding of the substantive legislation coupled with a business-minded approach is key to commercializing intangible assets properly.

Our transactional experience covers the majority of industries and includes work on everything from small, privately-held companies to some of the most complex and valuable transactions in Sweden. We have particular experience in the pharmaceutical, medical technology and consumer product industries.

We work in specialized, usually small, teams, and take advantage of technology to streamline workflows. By having a specialized team from the outset, we ensure that issues relating to intangible assets are identified and handled properly from the outset.