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I specialize in commercial contract law and I have a broad competence in the field of intellectual assets, with focus on patents, copyright and trade secrets. In particular I have significant experience in complex multi-party agreements related to future intellectual property rights, such as R&D contracts for both industry and academia as well as art-, music- and film production agreements.

I work primarily as a legal facilitator of innovation, collaborations and commercialisation endeavours. I strive to be an enabler as I advise on strategy, negotiate and draft agreements. Clients appreciate my passion for business and for finding optimal win-win solutions.

I joined Westerberg & Partners in 2019, having previously been partner at other law firms.

Prior to joining private practice I worked at Vinnova – the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, where I headed the Agency’s work to monitor and facilitate contracts related to research, with a focus on contracts for collaborative research in consortia and projects.

From 2003-2006 I provided legal services to film production companies as well as organizations and individual creators. I was also the lawyer for the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, where I was responsible for a Swedish Government Commission involving the study of the economic conditions of professional artists, including the development of copyright in Sweden.