Westerberg & Partners

Working with Westerberg

The core foundation of our firm is the pursuit of excellence in our work. We believe that this is unachievable without a culture built on mutual respect and a strong team spirit. The acceptance of and participation in this fundamental aspect of our firm is a necessary quality we look for in any potential colleague.

Our promise to our co-workers is that we will do everything we can to develop their talent to its full potential. This requires an open climate and being given the opportunity to prove ourselves. It also demands dedication, from everyone at the firm.

We do not believe in large teams of junior associates performing un-supervised work, but in working collaboratively to ensure that more experienced lawyers can pass on their skills to the next generation. This approach avoids unnecessary work, ensures quality, cost-efficiency and client satisfaction, but also continued talent development.

We are an inclusive firm that supports diversity, and we expect all applicants to do so as well.