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Welcome to Westerberg & Partners!

Westerberg & Partners is a Swedish boutique law firm. We focus on what we do best.

We assist our clients in identifying, analyzing, strengthening and protecting their rights - whether based on intellectual property (IP), contracts, treaties or regulatory frameworks. Our specialization and considerable experience in our focus areas also make us particularly well-suited to advise on transactions within these areas. Over the years, we have worked with everything from small start-ups to major multi-national companies and states, in virtually all industries.

We want to be a partner to our clients and the client’s business goals are always at the forefront of what we do. We offer our clients advisers who are truly interested in and knowledgeable of our clients’ industries.

Whenever appropriate, we seek to resolve conflicts without taking legal action, but we also take pride in our ability to manage legal proceedings, be it litigation or arbitration, efficiently and robustly.

Our Expertise

Intellectual Property

In the IP field, we are one of the largest law firms in Sweden, in terms of the number of employees, turnover, annual court cases, and annual trademark filings. Our lawyers are consistently top-ranked by ranking institutes.

We are often engaged to assist clients in setting up or refining their IP and marketing strategies to maximize and protect the potential of brands, as well as commercializing their IP. We assist several major companies in managing their trademark and design rights portfolios, including coordinating their international strategic work.

We are experts on IP-related disputes and we have represented clients in some of the most challenging and valuable cases on record in the recent years. These include two of the highest-value disputes in Swedish patent litigation history. We also represent some of the world’s leading brands in enforcement matters.

Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution team consists of some of the leading professionals in Sweden and our partners are ranked by the leading institutes. Our lawyers are well renowned for their work in Swedish and international arbitration and litigation.

We have significant experience ranging from disputes over the interpretation of international treaties between states, through to commercial disputes across a large range of industries. We also handle all manner of IP disputes as well as proceedings for the enforcement of international arbitration awards and judgments.

East European desk
Sweden has long been recognized as a neutral venue for the resolution of East-West disputes. At Westerberg we are frequently instructed in disputes involving parties from Russia, Ukraine, CIS and the Baltic countries.

Our East European desk which, by its size and experience, is unrivaled on the Swedish market offers advice and conducts proceedings in Russian, English, Latvian, and Swedish. We have a long track-record of successfully representing some of the largest corporations as well as sovereign states before arbitral tribunals and state courts. Our partners are often appointed as arbitrators in disputes related to this region.


Our experience in regulated industries originates from our work for clients in the Life Sciences sector. Over time it has expanded into other sectors as a growing number of industries become subject to increasing regulation. Our clients see the value of treating their rights and obligations under regulatory legislation as assets, to be used as efficiently as possible.

We have recently worked in a range of fields. These include alcoholic beverages, foodstuffs, medical devices, medicinal products, tobacco and chemicals, before administrative courts and government bodies.

The development of personal data regulations in Europe has made such regulatory legislation acutely relevant for almost all industries. Personal data protection issues often arise in connection with other legal work we do. Considering the importance and complexity of some of these issues, we have secured special competence in personal data protection.


Our strong experience in dispute resolution, IP and regulatory law makes us an excellent choice for agreements or transactions where such aspects are of special importance. We believe that a thorough understanding of the substantive legislation coupled with a business-minded approach is key to commercializing intangible assets properly.

Our transactional experience covers the majority of industries and includes work on everything from small, privately-held companies to some of the most complex and valuable transactions in Sweden. We have particular experience in the pharmaceutical, medical technology and consumer product industries.

We work in specialized, usually small, teams, and take advantage of technology to streamline workflows. By having a specialized team from the outset, we ensure that issues relating to intangible assets are identified and handled properly from the outset.

Working with Westerberg

The core foundation of our firm is the pursuit of excellence in our work. We believe that this is unachievable without a culture built on mutual respect and a strong team spirit. The acceptance of and participation in this fundamental aspect of our firm is a necessary quality we look for in any potential colleague.

Our promise to our co-workers is that we will do everything we can to develop their talent to its full potential. This requires an open climate and being given the opportunity to prove ourselves. It also demands dedication, from everyone at the firm.

We do not believe in large teams of junior associates performing un-supervised work, but in working collaboratively to ensure that more experienced lawyers can pass on their skills to the next generation. This approach avoids unnecessary work, ensures quality, cost-efficiency and client satisfaction, but also continued talent development.

We are an inclusive firm that supports diversity, and we expect all applicants to do so as well.

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